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Rumors for Lunch

The Morning News' Todd Archer notes in the paper's sports blog that Bill Parcells lunched today with bad-boy agent Drew Rosenhaus. (Scroll down)

I know what you're thinking -- did they talk about T.O.?

That will certainly be the buzz. Archer correctly notes, however, that Rosenhaus represents a large group of pro and college players and that any or all of them could be the point of the meeting.

Combine Update: The 49ers won the coin flip with the Raiders. San Francisco now owns the 6th overall pick with Oakland selecting 7th. This increases the chances for a trade up, if Vandy QB Jay Cutler slip through the top five. Miami covets Culter and rumors in Miami have them targeting the Niners as a trade partner, since San Francisco wants extra picks.

Miami may fill its QB needs next month. Reports today say the Dolphins believe the Vikings may release QB Duante Culpepper early next month, to avoid paying him a large roster bonus. Miami could then pursue Culpepper and use its top selection on an offensive tackle.

Look for the 49ers to begin shopping their pick, to Miami and everybody else behind them in the draft order.

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