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Combine Update

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-- The Star-Telegram offers a different set of free agent kicker targets than the Ranch Report. Clarence Hill believes Adam Vinatieri, Matt Bryant and Ryan Longwell are likely targets for the Cowboys.

The RR has Mike Vanderjaagt on its short list, replacing Longwell.

And of these four are improvements.

-- Longwell's agents says he does not expect the Packers to make a serious attempt to re-sign him before free agency begins next Friday. Longwell anticipates several offers from other teams.

-- The same article details WR Javon Walker's frustrations with the Packers. The 2004 Pro Bowler (89 receptions, 1382 yards and 12 touchdowns) wanted a long term extension entering 2005, the final year of his initial contract. The Packers refused. Walker suffered the free-agent-to-be's nightmare, tearing an ACL early in the season. The Packers are now refusing a long-term extension until they see how well Walker recovers.

He could be a top free agent WR target in 2007, especially if the year is uncapped. Keep him in the back of your mind. He's the big Michael Irvin-class wideout (6'3", 215 lbs.) so many readers have been screaming for.

-- The Washington Times weighs in on the Redskins cap situation. Their assessment is even more extreme than the Post's. TheTimes does offer Washington a possible silver lining: seven other teams face similar problems -- the Broncos, Chiefs, Raiders, Dolphins, Jets, Titans and Bucs are all at least $5 million over the cap. These teams could provide incentive to complete a new CBA, especially when you consider that Kansas City, Denver, Tampa and Miami have legitimate playoff aspirations.

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