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Jones: New CBA Could Happen "Immediately."

Jerry Jones believes a new collective bargaining agreement could be hammered out "immediately" if the various parties wanted it. He downplayed earlier complaints that large market owners were preventing a deal by warring with smaller market owners over revenue splits.

-- Tight End intrigue: You can infer a lot from the prospect interview process. On Saturday, top TE prospect Vernon Davis was interviewed by, at minimum, the Lions (10), Chargers (19), Chiefs (20), Jaguars (28) and Redskins (no first round pick). The Jaguars, Redskins and Eagles (14) also met with Georgia TE Leonard Pope. Davis and Pope are considered the top two TE prospects.

Davis has been placed in many mock drafts with the Rams at 11. However, he could slide to teams like San Diego and Kansas City if he got past St. Louis, since the Browns (Kellen Winslow Jr.), Ravens (Todd Heap), Eagles (L.J. Smith), Falcons (Alge Crumpler), Dolphins (Randy McMichael), Vikings (Jim Kleinsasser) and Cowboys (Jason Witten) the teams picking 12th through 18th, have a good starting TE.

It's interesting that San Diego would consider matching Davis, an Antonio Gates clone, with Gates. And that Kansas City is contemplating matching him with the aging Tony Gonzalez. How scary would those pairings be for opposing linebackers and safeties? The receivers on those teams would never see double coverage.

Washington may also be tipping its hand. The Redskins are rumored to be seeking a way into the first round. They may be looking for a true tight end to match with H-back Chris Cooley.

Davis may slide into the late teens to early 20s, but he's rated in the top 9-to-12 on every draft board I've seen. With the WR crop being so thin this year, would you spring for another playmaker at tight end? Given how much Dallas uses two-TE sets and how much Bill Parcells loves tight ends, could he pass Davis up, even when he has crying needs at OT, OLB and FS?

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