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Could Dallas & Denver Be Drifting Towards a Fit?

The Broncos want to increase last season's sack total of 28...

...Broncos defensive coordinator Larry Coyer said the Broncos are interested in adding a sack specialist.

"I know this about (coach) Mike Shanahan: There will be a move," Coyer said. "We're going to address the needs to get to the Super Bowl. Whatever that is, you don't know. When I first heard about Champ Bailey, I started laughing, 'We're not going to be able to do that.' [Then] there he was."

-- Denver Post, "Broncos Hope to Keep Their Current Linemen." 2/26/2006

"Well, this is where I think I don't have much for you because there's tremendous uncertainty going on [because of the collective bargaining agreement]."

-- Bill Parcells on NT/DT La'Roi Glover's status,
DMN "Offseason is Keeping Parcells Busy." 2/26/2006

There's nothing linking these teams or these players -- yet. This has been nothing but my incessant speculation. However, Parcells is noncommittal about La'Roi Glover's future with the team, even though he will have the cap space to keep him. His statement about the CBA was a convenient dodge, with Parcells hiding behind non-existent cap trouble. He is firm about bringing Greg Ellis back in the same article, but is coy about Glover.

Meanwhile, Denver, as I predicted at the end of the season, sees themselves as one or two players shy of the title. They're going for broke. They're re-signing old offensive linemen. They're restructuring contracts of aging vets they should consider replacing. They've done the most obvious and intense flirting with Terrell Owens.

And they need a pass rusher -- badly. Their top lineman had four sacks last year.

Desperate teams do desperate things.

The Broncos are desperate.

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