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Draft Combine Crumbs

Cowboys-related news on a Sunday evening:

-- CBA or no CBA?
Conflicting reports are emerging about the status of collective bargaining agreement negotiations. NFLPA President Gene Upshaw remains steadfast in his belief that negotations are stalled. However, Browns GM Phil Savage has apparently heard rumors that free agency might in fact be delayed one to two weeks so an agreement can be hammered out. (scroll down) The Washington Post quotes anonymous league sources who appear optimistic a deal will be reached soon.

A smile at Washington's expense?:
The Post also reports that QB Patrick Ramsey and his agent Jimmy Sexton have been given permission to work out a trade.

The Ranch Reports front page hints that Sexton has spoken with the Cowboys about Ramsey. Sexton is Bill Parcells' agent. The Post says only that a "suitable partner" for Washington has not been found.

I'll bet.

-- Dallas has interviewed Georgia Tech LB Gerris Wilkinson, Miami CB Kelly Jennings and N.C. State DE/OLB Manny Lawson.

-- Jerry Jones dropped some hints about the Cowboys' offseason direction in a DMN interview Among them:

-- He claims he "probably won't go after the top paid [OL] in free agency." Jones cites cost as a factor;
-- the Cowboys will not force the issue at the WR position. Dallas will not pick a receiver just for the sake of getting younger;
-- the Cowboys will sign an "experienced" kicker but not one of the priciest ones. Hello Matt Bryant? Ryan Longwell?
-- the team will put off addressing La'Roi Glover's situation "until a better day." Make of that what you will.

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