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What Might the Cowboys Pay for a Kicker?

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Somewhere between $1.4 million and perhaps $2.0 million, if the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is correct.

It reports that 49ers' kicker Joe Nedney, a top free agent prospect, was re-signed by the Niners for an average of $1.4 million per year.

In interviews with the Dallas Morning News and Ft. Worth Star Telegram yesterday, Jerry Jones said Dallas would sign an "experienced" kicker, but probably not the most expensive one. That would seemingly rule out Patriots' K Adam Vinatieri, who received over $2.5 million last season. That might also rule out Mike Vanderjagt, whom the Colts are cutting loose.

A kicker more in line with Nedney's salary is Packers' K Ryan Longwell, whose last Green Bay contract averaged $1.5 million.

Of course, Jerry may simply be sandbagging. We should know by this time next week, unless CBA negotiations postpone the start of free agency.

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