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And Now Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Free Agency

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CBA or no CBA teams will have needs to fill, so player movement will continue, though in unexpected ways. Here are some of the lastest rumors:

-- Minnesota and its $24 million in cap space is very interested in LeCharles Bentley. The Vikings already have Pro Bowler Matt Birk in the pivot, but are concerned about his rehab from a serious injury. If Birk returns to his old form, Minnesota would play Bentley at guard, assuming they sign him.

-- The Redskins are thought to want a third or fourth round pick in exchange for QB Patrick Ramsey.

-- The Eagles would likely pursue Jets C Kevin Mawae if he were cut by the Jets.

-- The Eagles are apparently one team most resistant to sharing local revenue. The Redskins, Cowboys and Patriots are other clubs with similar positions. The question of local revenue allocation is one of the biggest obstrucing an agreement among owners. Philadelphia President Joe Banner and Jerry Jones spent a lot of time at the Combine discussion this issue, according to the Philadelphia Enquirer.

-- Denver could release DEs Courney Brown and Trevor Pryce and TE Jeb Putzier if they do not restructure contracts in the next 24 hours. Putzier was a highly desired free agent last year and would likely draw interest again if he hit the open market.

-- Miami will let FS Lance Schulters test the market before deciding to retain him or pursue another player.