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On Your Marks: Forget Washington, the Eagles Are Making Big Moves

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The Eagles tumbled from NFC Champs to the NFC East basement in one season. They're determined not to stay there.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports the Eagles are prepared to sign free agent C LeCharles Bentley as soon as free agency commences. The paper states Bentley was intent on signing with the team later this evening, when free agency was originally scheduled to begin, but will have to wait until Monday, with a three day impasse declared to allow more time for a CBA negotiation.

And don't look now, but the same article says the Eagles are considering newly cut DT LaRoi Glover to fill the hole left when Corey Simon was cut before the 2005 season.

Update: The DMN claims the the Cowboys are roughly $10 million under the salary cap, and could go to approximately $19 million under if they restructure Marco Rivera and Jason Ferguson's deals. If a new CBA were signed over the weekend, the Cowboys could go as far as $29 million under the cap, since a fresh agreement would add approximately $10 million to the projected $94 million figure.

-- Was Jerry Jones blowing smoke when he told reporters last week that Dallas would not pursue the most expensive kicker? We're going to find out. Word from Boston is that Adam Vinatieri has abandoned a multi-year offer that would have made him the highest paid kicker in the game. He may return to the Patriots but wants to see what the market will bear first. The Raiders Sebastian Janikowski has the highest average kicker's salary at $2.1 million.

-- The Boston Globe lists Cleveland, Dallas, Kansas City, Miami, New York and San Diego as the most likely desinations for OLB Willie McGinnest, who will become a free agent in the next few days.