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Hurry Up and Wait: Free Agency Pushed Back 72 Hours

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Free agentus interruptus:

The beginning of free agency, slated to start at 11:01, just over half an hour from now, has been pushed back to Wednesday at 11:01 CST. This will allow the owners to view the union's latest proposal at a Tuesday meeting in Dallas, and vote on whether to reject or ratify it.

-- While I'm on the subject, did anybody else watch ESPNews tonight and wonder if there's some special time zone that covers Bristol, Connecticut and only Bristol, Connecticut?

At 9:00 central time an interview with football analyst John Clayton was aired. The graphics at the bottom of the screen read "11:30 Deadline [EST] Passes." During the interview, Clayton was asked, "this 11:30 deadline has now passed, what are teams going to do?"

Maybe ESPN didn't intend to reveal that their talking heads tape their interviews hours in advance and then go home and sleep, giving us the illusion that they're really speaking live. If that's network practice they need to fire some engineers, because ESPN looked goofy tonight.