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Wednesday Rumor Roundup

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-- Washington will cut five to seven players tonight to get under the salary cap, according to the Washington Times.

-- It's not clear that the Eagles or Giants are interested in him, but LaVar Arrington is interested in becoming an Eagle or a Giant.

Kevin Mawae will visit Miami today. The Eagles also have confirmed interest, though they continue to be linked with LeCharles Bentley. One theory is that Bentley could get increased interest if a new CBA is agreed to and the salary cap jumps $10 million or so.

Mawae maintains that he is the best center on the market, Bentley notwithstanding. He is available now, as LaRoi Glover was when the Rams signed him. Mawae will wait, however, until free agency begins, in order to maximize his value.

-- The Eagles are also interested in QB Jeff Garcia and RB Mike Anderson, recently cut by Denver.

-- Deja vu: If this story is true the Cowboys could have free agent competition from Miami. The Miami Herald claims the Dolphins will pursue, among others, LB Willie McGinest, OT Tom Ashworth and OT L.J. Shelton. Shelton could be the Anthony Henry of 2006, a good but less heralded player than a Jon Runyan.