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Name that Tight End

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The Ranch Report teases us with news that Dallas will interview a TE candidate. Without paying for a subscription, I'll bet I can name that TE in three moves.

The three unrestricted candidates higher rated and younger than Dan Campbell are:

1. Chris Baker, Jets, 6'3", 258 lbs;
2. Terry Jones, Ravens, 6'3", 260 lbs.;
3. Jeb Putzier, Broncos, 6' 4", 256 lbs.

Baker is the most athletic. Jones is the best blocker. Putzier is the most productive. Which intrigues Dallas the most? It likely depends on which skills the Cowboys prize. If the team wants a second speedy TE to team with Jason Witten, Putzier will be the guy, though he will probably interest many other teams. If Dallas wants the best young Campbell clone, they'll take Jones, who blocks better than the other two. If the Cowboys want a guy with the best upside, they'll sign Baker.

Update: Reader Tex advises me that the RR story refers to a college TE the Cowboys are scouting. Regardless, I think these guys will get some attention once free agency begins. If Campbell is gone, and it seems he is, do you risk going into the season with only one proven veteran TE?