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Friday Rumor Special

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-- The T.O. -to - Dallas rumor has risen from the mud yet again. The Ranch Report has the story splashed on its cover. ESPN's Chris Mortensen was hawking a sign T.O - and - dump -Keyshawn story, according to posters in the threads. (And wasn't he trying to throw Keyshawn under the bus at this time last season too?)

The Philadelphia Daily News claims there is no T.O market of any consequence. He is due a $6 million roster bonus by Tuesday, so he will certainly be cut. Even as a free agent, his value remains low; Chiefs GM Carl Peterson said he would only sign T.O. to a one-year, bare bones deal.

Broncos owner Pat Bowlen would not deny interest in Owens, but termed press coverage of it "overblown."

-- The New York Post claims the Falcons desire for DE John Abraham is cooling. Atlanta was considered the primary suitor for Abraham the past few days. Abraham's demand for $18 million in guaranteed money has apparently caused the change of heart.

The same story claims the Jets are nearing a deal for Washington's backup QB Patrick Ramsey.

-- The Vikings have found a handful of potential trade partners for a Duante Culpepper deal. Oakland leads the pack, though Miami is not too far behind. St. Louis, Baltimore and the New York Jets are also interested.

-- Meanwhile, the Saints have quietly stepped forward with a strong bid for QB Drew Brees. New HC Sean Payton apparently wants the shortest transition period possible. If the Saints acquired Brees, would they still draft Matt Leinart as insurance, considering Brees' injured shoulder? Or would they auction the pick? Several teams, including the Jets and Titans -- who pick immediately after the Saints -- covet Leinart.

-- With the Jets and Saints nearing deals for Ramsey and Brees, might we have a repeat of the 2005 draft, where Aaron Rogers was considered a sure top 10 pick, then slipped into the mid-20s? Matt Leinart is probably safe, but the draft stocks of Vince Young and Jay Culter could drop a bit if these deals go through.

The Detroit Lions could benefit from the QB musical chairs. Joey Harrington starts on thin ice with new HC Mike Martz. If one or both of the Young/Cutler duel drop, I can't see the Lions passing on them with the ninth pick.

-- Conflicting reports on Brett Favre's plans have emerged. USA Today says he's returning but the St. Paul Pioneer Press quotes friends who say he's retiring.

-- The Giants are doing background research on free agent LB LaVar Arrington.

-- Here's one to file away for next month: rumors are starting to circulate that Iowa LB Chad Greenway's stock is fading. This blurb claims the Browns, the team most often linked with Greenway in mock drafts, now covets Florida St. DL Brodrick Bunkley.