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Blog regular Chandus gives us his well considered -- and I mean well considered -- plan for the offseason, which kicks off at 11:01 tonight:

This is off course the biggest need as Parcells and Jones last year were caught with their pants down as their most consistent player, the one that hadn't been injured once in the last 7 years, went down with a season ending injury and they just had 2 other OT's in the roster, one being a 6th Round rookie at RT with no College experience in the right side and the other a bellow average RT. Last season you can make a case out of the team not singing a veteran at the position, as it's been writen before, Dallas had Jacob had Rogers to count for the position and he did looked good before his injury and the only FA's (Kareem McKenzie, Oliver Ross and Jonas Jennings) that may have been enough to challenge him in Training Camp and beat him where to expensive if you take into consideration that Parcells was already looking to make 3 big signings already. This season they need to make at least one signing.

How do I see the need being addressed?
Jason Fabini seems to be the front runner for the job in the veteran page as he has experience working under Parcells and because he doesn't have as much thread on his tires than Runyan as he has only 7 full seasons in his body. While in the young with potential page there might be a tie between Tom Ashworth and Damion McIntosh. Other options: LJ. Shelton, Kenyatta Walker, Jordan Black and Kevin Barry.

I'm not saying that Dallas needs a SSLB because if Ware truely gets to 260 pounds he could become that player, and WSLB would be filled by another player. If Dallas doesn't go the FA route they could Draft Carpenter and they wouldn't need to move Ware, but if they don't manage to take their hands on Carpenter and they do in another tweener, then look again for the move. Fujita, Singleton and Thornton would mean ideal and low cost depth for the summer, with the winners taking the backups jobs.

How do I see the need being addressed?
As it's known I like Julian Peterson, if he can take his weight above 245 pounds his playing style is a perfect fit for SSLB in the 3-4. Now, if Peterson isn't capable of getting that kind of body, then I'll sign off of going after him, but I wouldn't turn my attention to Arrington, freelancing and Parcells doesn't mesh. So, by elimination that only leaves McGinest, already cut by New England as the only big upgrade at 3-4 OLB. If Dallas goes after McGinest count on a talented tweener being drafted, though. Other options: Tommy Polley, Carpenter (Draft-1st Rd.), Akin Ayodele, Greenway (Draft-1st Rd.), Kamerion Wimbley (Draft-1st/high 2nd Rd.), Thomas Howard (Draft-2nd Rd), Gerris Wilkinson (Draft-2nd Rd.), Stanley McClover (Draft-2nd Rd.), Spencer Havner (Draft-3rd Rd.) and Roger McIntosh (Draft-3rd Rd.).

An interesting project and one that should be low budget may be Carlos Hall of Kansas City, he's a DE with this measurables 6-4 and 259 with 4.67 40 type of speed. Will be 27 next season and could take Ogbogu's role in the Defense in a heart beat (OLB depth).

Not much to say about this need, just that it's huge.

How do I see the need being addressed?
Longwell's the perfect mix of bang for the bucks. Other options: Vinatieri, Vanderjagt and Matt Bryant.

Behind LA you would find Peterman, behind Rivera you would find Gurode. There's lots of room for improvement there, especially if LA isn't signed to an extension that would lower his contract demands and if Rivera doesn't change our conceived opinion of his level of play. I
won't carve this in stone, but look for a 4 year contract extension in Allen's deal that basically would be a 2 year deal and for a resemblance of the Rivera of Green Bay, not in that level, but alot better than the Rivera we saw last year.

How do I see the need being addressed?
Stephen Neal of NE, Kyle Kosier of Detroit and Montrae Holland of NO are certainly interesting, but in FA other needs should be addressed instead. So, you look to the Draft and you see lots of talent between Rounds 1 and 3. Max Jean-Gilles is the best pure Guard of the bunch followed closely by Charles Spencer, Spencer has a slight edge because he would inmediately provide depth at Tackle, both look prepared for the NFL and that's the main reason for which I'm starting to believe that both may be gone for pick 49, if Dallas wants one of them they should trade down with ther 1st Rounder or up with the 2nd. Else look for:
Davin Joseph (OT/OG-2nd Round), Daryn Colledge (OT/OG-2nd Round), Jason Spitz (C/OG-3rd Round), Taitusi Lutui (3rd Round) and Kevin Boothe (3rd-4th Round). Don't start yelling if Gilles is still on the board and Dallas picks Joseph or Colledge in the 2nd Round, as they bring value that he doesn't bring as they could be backups to other positions, both
can play Guard and Tackle, just like Spencer.

Can Dallas live another year with Roy Williams and Keith Davis starting? Yeah, it wouldn't be flashy and they would make for some more headaches, but they would be limited again for lots of cover-two and Williams is great while he's near the Line. Upgrade is necessary if you're planning to play Williams closer and I want to see him closer, so signing one of the top safeties in coverage is a huge upgrade for the position. Beriault has to recover first to even be accounted for a backup job, practice squad seems more probable right now as we haven't heard
anything from his progression.

How do I see the need being addressed?
Chris Hope is the best guy in coverage in FA, he managed to have more tackles and interceptions even when his fellow Safety was allowed to roam the field and to look to the backfield and you know? That's huge. Another option is the singning of one of those CBs that don't have the speed anymore to play there, but that indeed have the range and ball skills, guys fitting that mold are Eric Warfield and Kenny Wright. Other options: Marcus Coleman, Will Demps, Corey Chavous, Ko Simpson (Draft-1st Rd.), Daniel Bullocks (Draft-2nd Rd.), Jason Allen (Draft-2nd Rd.), Donte Whitner (Draft-2nd Rd.), Anthony Smith (Draft-3rd Rd.),
Roman Harper (Draft-3rd Rd.) and Pat Watkins (Draft-3rd Rd.).

Now that Glover is gone, I don't know where to look to find his successor, does Dallas need another NT for the 3-4? Or do they need a penetrating Tackle for the front 4's so often used? My crystal ball isn't so clear on this subject, especially when Parcells has said that Ellis will play more next season and I don't see him playing in an upright stance, which would mean more 4 man fronts...

How do I see the need being addressed?
Ma'ake Kemoeatu will be hired by Cleveland, they have the ammunition and Dallas can't overspend when they already have a high paid DT, that's the reason for Glover's departure. Gerard Warren, Ryan Pickett and some others will be paid, too, so Dallas has to look elsewhere. That bring us to the question again, NT or DT? Likely the answer will come from the Draft. Babatunde Oshinowo (3rd Round), Montavius Stanley (3rd-4th Round) and Barry Coefield (3rd-4th Round) are some middle of the pack options.

If the play of the players by his sides improves, the Center becomes a better player, if he gets stronger, the Center becomes a better player. That should be taken as gospel for Al Johnson after his first full season of work under center. He can play in the shotgun, he's effective while pulling and can dominate when he isn't facing top competition. I could see a move being made if a scenario comes to pass.

How do I see the need being addressed?
A lot of talk already digested of Bentley, reality is this, he's the Free Agent most sought after, he already wants to be paid a $28M deal, do you want to pay 30 or more to get him? If he falls injured he becomes a headache and injuries happen (Galloway?). Now, Justin Hartwig can also
play Center and Guard (and played Tackle in College, but isn't suited for it in the NFL), he would play Gurode's role (and would be much better) if he isn't signed back.

Just like FS, can Dallas live with a combination of Bradie James, Kevin Burnett, Ryan Fowler, possibly Singleton and Scott Shanle inside? Yes, they would, but it wouldn't be flashy, and you can have better if the price is right.

How do I see the need being addressed?
Derek Smith is already out the picture, he was resigned. After him there's not much, alot of 4-3 MLBs like Cowart, Kassell and Rob Morris that don't have alot of upside and some LBs that have experience and upside in the 3-4 but are limited in coverage, DaShon Polk and Bart
Scott. All of them have one point on their favor, they won't cost alot. In the Draft I've got my eye on Gerris Wilkinson (2nd-3rd Round), Kai Parham (3rd Round) and Clint Ingram (4th-6th Round).

Polite has room for improvement as a FB, hands of stone can't be softened. That's quite a predicament.

How do I see the need being addressed?
Jerald Sowell, he isn't known as a force blocking, at that he's just effective but that's more than what Polite made last season, what Sowell would bring inmediately to the table is a threat that should be taken in consideration by Defensive Coordinators. Now this need depends on TE, if
a TE has caught the eye of the staff in Free Agency or in the Draft, then I can see Parcells not pulling the trigger on him and leaving it with Polite in the helm, if Dallas a competitive 2 TE set in the end he won't see much playing time.

It's apparent that Dallas won't bring Campbell back, they want him for cheap and he isn't a cheap player, his leadership is worthy, so he'll sign with a team that needs leadership in a big way (New Orleans). But even if Campbell was signed back, Dallas should address the position, in alot of positions like FS and ILB Dallas could play with what you can find on the roster, but you can have better. At TE you can have a couple of TE's that can catch and block in a system that uses 2 TE's sets like we use this computers.

How do I see the need being addressed?
If no FB is signed, TE becomes a no-brainer. If a FB is signed, a TE should be drafted late. Names to take into consideration: Jeb Putzier, Anthony Fasano (2nd Round-I had to name the guy, as far as I heard he looked good in his Pro Day), Klopfenstein (3rd Round) and some guys that will be drafted from Rounds 4-7: Charles Davis, Cooper Wallace, Jason Pociask, David Thomas and on.

I'd walk out of Free Agency with this guys:
OT - Jason Fabini
C/G - Justin Hartwig
K - Ryan Longwell
OLB - Willie McGinest
FS - Marcus Coleman

Then I would look in the Draft for:
1st Round - OLB - Kamerion Wimbley or Bobby Carpenter (Dallas trades
down to the late 20s and gets a 3rd and a 4th).
2nd Round - TE - Anthony Fasano.
3rd Round - QB - Charlie Whitehurst
3rd Round - ILB - Kai PÃ rham.
And from there depth.