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24 Hour Snapshop

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One day into free agency and what do we know?

-- The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette says the Steelers' many free agents, Antwaan Randle El aside, have attracted little attention. FS Chris Hope has yet to schedule a visit.

-- Feeling a little underwhemled by the Cowboys' moves so far? Especially when Cowboys organs are pushing headlines like "Big Bang Coming" at you?

Cheer up. You could be an Eagles fan. The Philly mediots drank and dispensed some powerful kool-aid, preening and proclaiming that LeCharles Bentley and Jeff Garcia were mere minutes from donning the electric green once free agency began. They hinted that Steve Hutchinson might also join the epic haul sure to propel Philadelphia back to Super Bowl front-runner status. Eagles fans went to bed giddy last night, like kids on Christmas Eve.

When they woke up, all they found was TE Matt Schobel in their stockings. Talk about a buzzkill.

-- In Washington, Joe Gibbs is trying to turn the clock back to 1987, when his trio of Smurfs, possession WR Art Monk and runty speedsters Gary Clark and Ricky Sanders ran roughshod over NFC secondaries.

Washington traded for 49ers WR Brandon Lloyd and was entertaining Randle El last night. Gibbs clearly wants as many speedy wideouts as possible to complement Santana Moss and reduce the eight man fronts RB Clinton Portis faces.