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Youth Dominates Weekend One of Free Agency

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It's silly money time again. The opening weekend of free agency is when the crazy contracts come out. Seriously, how many people feel Gerard Warren is worth $6 million per season? Or that Trevor Pryce, who has four sacks the last two years, is really worth $5 million per?

One team thought so and one is all it takes. So these guys are suddenly among the highest paid players in the game.

Teams have a lot of money to play with thanks to the new CBA, and some can't help but spend it. Washington is again waving wads of cash around, signing Antwaan Randle El for six years. But let's not lose perspective. The Redskins have to score now, because they'll be taking long naps on draft Saturday, having traded their first and third round picks.

Other teams like the Colts will not even set up visits for the first two to three weeks of free agency. Indy GM Bill Polian is waiting for other teams to exhaust their credit cards before he swoops in and claims some bargains. Considering his team's record the past few years, you can't argue too much with his style.

Let's see how the free agency board looks at 5:00 pm Sunday, March 12th.

The top ten has quickly been picked over. The only top candidates still unclaimed are LB Julian Peterson, QB Drew Brees, K Adam Vinatieri and WR David Givens. Brees and Givens have received lots of attention and will sign within the next few days. Peterson is hanging around because of injury concerns.

Look at that top free agent lists and you'll notice a constant -- Vinatieri aside, all the top prospects are under the age of 30. I wrote before that Marco Rivera Syndrome, a severe reaction to giving thirysomethings multi-year deals, had stuck the Cowboys this year. It appears to have struck all teams.

And that could benefit the Cowboys, who still have a hole at right tackle, unless Larry Allen has rediscovered his 24 year old self's lateral mobility this offseason. Jon Runyan is still available. He told Philadelphia papers yesterday that the Eagles had not contacted him since free agency began.

I've been campaigning against him for weeks, saying that he would be too expensive given his age. But if the market for 32 year old tackles has dropped he might have to settle for a shorter-term deal at a more reasonable price.

If MRS has spead league wide, Runyan is suddenly a very interesting prospect, assuming silly money time is drawing to a close.