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"My Gut... Tells Me Adam Is Gone."

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So said a player agent who represents several kickers to the Boston Herald. The agent was coy, saying he thought Pro Bowl kicker Adam Vinatieri would sign with a new team "that has a lot more money" than New England by Sunday.

If true, and that's a big if because New England has cap room, the rumor puts Dallas and Green Bay in the lead for Vinatieri's services. The kicker has ties to both organizations. Cowboys coach Bill Parcells gave Vinatieri his first NFL job.

Packers VP of Player Finance Andrew Brandt is Vinatieri's former agent.

Update: Boston Globe football blogger Mike Reiss thinks the Ryan Longwell and Matt Bryant signings increase the odds of Vinatieri returning to New England. He also mentions Dallas and Green Bay as the most likely new destinations for Vinateiri but points out the Packers did not try to match the Vikings offer to Longwell.

Update II: One move of note today. The Browns continue their shopping spree with the signing of NT Ted Washington. As I speculated yesterday, this increases the chances that NT Gabe Watson could slide into the second round, since Cleveland and Carolina have both signed NTs and Buffalo appears likely to take a NT like Haloti Ngata in round one.

-- The NT musical chairs continues with the Packers eyeing former Rams DT/NT ryan Pickett to replace now free agent NT Grady Jackson.

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