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All You Need is Cash...

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-- Adam Vinatieri was disappointed by the deal Ryan Longwell signed with the Vikings, according to The Boston Globe. Longwell's deal averages $2.0 million. Vinatieri should top it because he's rated higher. However, Vinatieri made $2.5 million last year and Longwell's deal means he may again reach last year's figure, but is not likely to exceed it.

Vinateiri gambled, hoping he would be the first kicker to sign. His holdout appears to be over guaranteed money; the Patriots long-term offer to him the week before free agency contained no signing bonus.

The Boston Herald suggests the race may be down to the Patriots and Cowboys, since Green Bay made only a modest offer to Longwell before he fled to Minnesota.

-- The agents for Mike Vanderjagt and Paul Edinger have spoken to the Packers. In both cases, the agents called the team. This suggests the Packers are not killing themselves chasing Vinatieri.

-- Wonder why the Cowboys have not looked at offensive tackles? Because the money is too crazy right now. The top OT signing this past weekend was Kevin Shaffer, who squeezed a six year, $36 million deal out of the Browns. Shaffer also pocketed a $12 million signing bonus.

-- Tom Ashworth will choose from the Jets, Bucs and Dolphins in the next few days.

-- Jon Runyan, the top-rated RT in free agency, told the Philadelphia Daily News he has not been contacted by any teams yet. He will vacation in the Cayman Islands for a week and hopes interest picks up. Runyan is facing the new reality for thirtysomething players, who have received cold receptions from NFL GMs thus far.

-- The Redskins are investigating a sign-and-trade deal for DE John Abraham. The Jets want a first round pick for the rusher, which Washington does not have. Let's see if they'll trade next year's #1 plus an extra pick for him. (Futures deals are always more expensive.)

-- The Eagles are moving on, signing DE Darren Howard, formerly of the Saints.

-- Steve Hutchinson's offer sheet from the Vikings is indeed front loaded, to make it harder for Seattle to match it: Hutchinson would get $16 million in signing bonus and first year salary.

-- The Steelers are negotiating with FS Chris Hope, who got a tepid response on the open market.