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McGinest to Visit Dallas, Vinatieri to Visit Green Bay

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-- quotes the Akron Beacon Journal that Willie McGinest's free agency tour will include Miami, the New York Jets and Dallas. McGinest visited Cleveland today.

-- The NFL Network claims Patriots K Adam Vinatieri will visit Green Bay on Friday.

And why such a fuss over Vinatieri? The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel points out that he's kicked nineteen last-minute game winners and missed just one in his ten-year career. That's 95% with the pressure on. Two of those kicks won Super Bowls.

That stat defines clutch.

-- Ryan Longwell's new deal with Minnesota has a $3 million signing bonus. This is the benchmark Dallas, New England or Green Bay will have to top. That seems modest, all things being considered.

-- Free agent OT Jason Fabini will visit New England.

-- TE Dan Campbell signed on with the Detroit Lions.