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Round Two Begins

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Many quiet NFL teams are coming out of their caves now that the first wave of contracts has been issued.

Update II: The Ego has Landed -- With a Thud. Philadelphia has released WR Terrell Owens. Let's see how long he stays down.

Update: Let's follow the falling dominos in the Duante Culpepper story. He's now a Dolphin. That means Drew Brees will become a Saint. That changes the draft board dramatically.

New Orleans at pick two was considered a lock for Matt Leinart. Now, the Titans and Norm Chow are probably rubbing their hands in anticipation of getting the USC star. So what happens to Vince Young and Jay Cutler? The Jets still need a QB, since they have yet to seal the Patrick Ramsey deal. If they acquire the Redskins QB, however, look out. There isn't an obvious team with a QB need until Detroit at pick 9, unless the Raiders snag one of the QBs.

We could be looking at two Aaron Rogers-like drops this year. Whatever the case, mock draft boards are being scrambled as we speak.

-- How much do they hate T.O. in Philly? Check this out. They're counting the seconds until he's gone.

On the T.O. front the Dolphins have just acquired QB Duante Culpepper from Minnesota for a second round pick. He'll need passing targets. T.O. visited Miami recently. His agent, Drew Rosenhaus is an unabashed Dolphins fan (he was a ballboy in his youth). Don't count them out of the T.O. sweepstakes.

-- Don't look now, but the Packers are waking from their slumber and GM Ted Thompson says he's not averse to signing a high-profile kicker. The Indianapolis Star says Mike Vandergagt's agent contacted the Packers and guaged some interest.

-- The Packers may have some unexpected competition. Olindo Mare may be released after rejecting the Dolphins' demand that he accept a pay cut. Vanderjagt visited Miami yesterday and may be lined up as Mare's replacement.

Don't even think about it; Mare has slumped badly in the last two years, hitting approximately 75% of his kicks in '04 and '05 after averaging over 90% the previous three years. He's the veteran Jerry Jones says he likes, but a veteran on the decline.

-- The Philadelphia Daily News rejoices that it's T.O. cut day and speculates that Kansas City is his most likely destination.

-- The Washington Post thinks the Dolphins, Broncos and Cowboys are the front runners in the T.O. sweepstakes. The more suitors the better, I say.

-- The Metroplex papers have alerted fans to the 3 pm deadline to either pay Keyshawn Johnson's roster bonus or release him. The Patriots are apparently watching with interest as well; they just lost WR David Givens to Tennessee and would interview Johnson and/or Eric Moulds if they are released, according to the Boston Globe.

-- The Nashville City Paper says Chris Hope has selected three teams to visit. He met Titans officials yesterday and visits San Francisco next. No word on the third team's identity.

-- The Delaware Co. Times says the Eagles may try to re-sign RT Jon Runyan when he returns from his Caribbean vacation.