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Fun With Numbers

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I read a report a few days ago that the Broncos are quietly shopping their two #1 picks (22nd and 29th overall) for picks in next year's draft. Their salary cap situation apparently has them trying to forego big rookie deals this year.

Assuming for the moment that this is true -- I can't confirm that it is, but let's do so for arguments sake -- Dallas could propose the following deal:

Dallas gives:
-- the 18th overall pick (900 points)
-- the 49th overall picks (410 points)
-- next year's #1 (the equivalent of a mid 2nd this year -- 400 points -- moved up one round because it's given in 2007)
Total -- 1710 points;

Denver gives:
-- the 22nd pick (780 points)
-- the 29th pick (640 points)
-- the 61st pick (292 points)
Total -- 1712 points.

(For a draft value chart, look here.)

Dallas would be swapping second rounders this year and giving up a #1 in 2007 to get an extra #1 now. The move down would put Dallas in position to get players like Marcus McNeill, Ko Simpson and Bobby Carpenter, who would be slight reaches at 18, based on the most up to date mocks. The late 1st rounder would also give the Cowboys the chance to obtain a tackle prospect like Jonathan Scott or NT Gabe Watson.

This is purely hypothetical. I've found no evidence that Dallas and Denver have discussed such a move. If the Broncos are indeed trying to flip one or both of their #1s this year, would you make this deal?