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The Ego Has Landed

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Drew Rosenhaus denies it, but he'll deny that water's wet if it suits his client, so I'll take the accumulated claims of Fox Sports, KLBK and The Ranch Report (subscription only) that Terrell Owens is signed, sealed and waiting to be delivered sometime next week.

Nothing has driven debate like the yes-to-T.O. or no-to-T.O. debate, so I'll throw in my two cents. There's no denying his talent. There's also no denying his petulance. Can I root for him? It depends on how he wears the uniform. When I was a kid rooting for the Rockets, I hated the Celtics. Still do. But I came to like Cedric Maxwell when he donned a Houston uniform. I've come to accept former Knick Patrick Ewing and even Jeff Van Gundy as coaches, because they've tried hard to win.

I was easily won over by Deion Sanders because he worked as hard as anyone on the team. I found myself griping at Randy Galloway for the many cheap shots he took at Deion late in his Dallas career.

I've frankly never cared one way or another about T.O. and the midfield star incident because it only showed me how far Dallas had fallen. A good Cowboys team would have taken care of Owens and his 49ers on the field and prevented the extracurriculars. If they couldn't cover Owens or tackle him, the rest was just pro wrestling, NFL style. Defending your end zone is defending the star. That's how I see it, anyway.

If Owens dogs it, he'll earn my disdain, as will Jerry Jones. If T.O. practices hard and plays hard, my support will follow. It's up to him.

In other news:

-- TE Ryan Hannam will finally visit Valley Ranch tomorrow.

-- The Packers appear serious about signing K Adam Vinatieri but the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinal suggests Green Bay might turn to Mike Vanderjagt if they fail.