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T.O. a Done Deal, Vinatieri Still Searching...

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And the news keeps coming.

The Dallas Morning News has now weighed in on the worst kept secret in the Metroplex -- Terrell Owens is a Cowboy in waiting. Owens has agreed in principle to a contract.

-- Meanwhile, the door opened for Dallas or any other team to take a late run at Adam Vinatieri. The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports the free agent kicker was impressed by the organization's facilities but did not receive the "knock-your-socks-off offer" that would sway him to leave the Patriots.

-- The John Abraham melodrama could affect the Cowboys' next move. According to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer the Seahawks and Jets have agreed on compensation for Abraham -- a first round pick. However, the Seahawks have not agreed on a contract with Abraham that would allow the sign-and-trade to proceed.

Conversely, the Atlanta Falcons have agreed on a new deal with Abraham but have not ironed out a package that would satisfy the Jets. According to, the Falcons are offering a second round pick. New York was pushing for QB Matt Schaub as part of a package but acquired Patrick Ramsey from the Redskins for a sixth round pick yesterday.

An Abraham-to-Atlanta deal could mean that LB Julian Peterson becomes a Seahawk. Peterson visited Seattle Friday and appears to be the team's fallback option. There have been reports that the Cowboys will host Peterson next week.

The same article confirms Dallas' interest in restricted free agent K Josh Brown, but says the Cowboys have not presented Brown with an offer sheet.