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Reactions to the Owens signing are mixed.

In Houston, the thinking is that Owens will break up the Jones/Parcells marriage. "Friends of Bill" are quoted that he's not happy. Isn't if funny how Bill's friends seem to all have NFL beatwriters on their speed dials?

Come on. Admit Parcells is your source or give it up.

In New York, the lowly Giants are paired with the Eagles as the "modest" teams, in contrast to the flashy Cowboys and Redskins.

In Philadelphia, Stephen A. Smith opines that the Eagles' handling of the T.O. fiasco has damaged their reputation.

Closer to home, the reactions are equally mixed. At the Star-Telegram, Randy Galloway has a reason for living again. After years without his automatic slam-Deion column, he has dusted off his template, run a word replace of Deion for T.O. and voila, the first T.O.-is-evil piece. How angry can he really be when at least a year's worth of ready-made columns are now available?

At the Morning News the opinions run the gamut, though Rick Gosselin splits the middle, predicting Owens will be great in 2006 but uncontrollable thereafter.

Since Owens has what is effectively three successive one year contracts, the Cowboys appear to have that option covered.