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Williams, Allen to start in Pro Bowl

I should've reported this earlier so let me rectify my error.

Roy Williams and Larry Allen were named starters for the Pro Bowl over the weekend. The Pro Bowl takes place on Feb 12th in Hawaii.

This is Allen's 10th Pro Bowl, although he made this one as much on reputation as on field performance. This selection speaks more to Larry's dominance at his position over his career so think of it more as a Career Achievement Award. Bob Lilly has the most Pro Bowl selections for a Cowboy with 11 trips.

Larry Allen is owed a $2 million bonus on March 1st. His salary cap number is $7.55 million for 2006, and according to, if he is released before March 1st it will be a $4 million cap hit. Like I said last week, Dallas needs to keep Allen; they have too many other problems on the line to create another issue.

I also noticed that Mike Wahle from Carolina made the team. We signed the wrong free agent guard from Green Bay last year. To make matters worse, Darren Sharper is starting next to Roy Williams in the secondary. Another possible free-agent signing that Dallas missed.

Our season might have had a different ending if we had made those two signings.

Congrats to both Roy Williams and Larry Allen.

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