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Our newest cornerback

The other day we signed some guy named Byron Parker at the cornerback spot. All I knew about him was he played in Canada. Then I ran across this article about him tonight. Opening graf:

Nothing has been conventional about the athletic career of Byron Parker, a former basketball standout at Tyler Junior College. The latest chapter in Parker's odyssey was written this week when he signed a free-agent contract with the Dallas Cowboys as a cornerback.

So the guy was a basketball player in junior college who - we learn in the article - went on to play b-ball at Tulane. More from the article:

Parker also had a reputation for outstanding defense and highlight-reel dunks. Sports editor Phil Hicks once described Parker's acrobatic dunks as an art. He displayed that explosive leaping ability to an ESPN audience in 2003 by winning the Collegiate Slam Dunk Championship in New Orleans, site of the NCAA Final Four that year.

Nice. Slam dunk champ. He probably is already taking Keyshawn and Terry Glenn to school on the court. They'll return the favor at training camp. Parting shot from the article:

"Byron is phenomenal because of his size and leaping ability," his coach at Tulane said in 2003. "He is an exciting dunker. He will awe the crowd with his abilities."

He'll awe this crowd if he's dunking. By that I mean dunking the football over the goal post after picking off a pass with his super leaping abilites and racing for the touchdown kind of dunking. Otherwise, at least the Cowboys are in good shape for the summer basketball pick-up leagues. On second thought, basketball is probably banned in the contracts anyway. Good luck kid.

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