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2 down, 2 to go

I feel a little better this morning. The Deadskins are finally out of the playoffs, and the Joe Gibbs coronation as Supreme Emperor of the NFL is officially done with for this year. Just in time, because I found this article talking about how life was tough for us Skins haters. It was written before the Seahawks bounced Washington from the playoffs and contained this money quote from a Cowboys fan who lives in D.C.

"You never hear about the Redskins until they do something halfway decent, and all of a sudden everybody comes out of the woodwork," Harris said.

"I mean, I guess I'm sort of happy for Redskins fans," he said, then quickly admitted, "Oh hell, no I'm not."

Glad to see he recovered his senses. Happy for them? Never. And yes, I'm obsessing a little over the Deadskins this morning, what else have I got with Dallas not even making the playoffs?

New England also lost preserving the tie with Dallas of 3 Super Bowl wins in 4 years. Next year they can go after the Steelers 4 SB wins in 6 years.

Finally, from the WTF files, comes this story out of Indy. Are you kidding me? Professional athletes and their lives outside of sports never cease to amaze me.

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