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Coaching jobs, T.O. and other stuff

It looks like we'll be getting both our coordinators back for the 2006 season. Mike Zimmer's return is almost certain, while Sean Payton's exit momentum might be losing steam.

From ESPN this quote in an article.

New Orleans officials were very impressed with Mike Sherman last week and the former Green Bay coach has quietly emerged as the leading candidate to fill the Saints' opening.

Of course that's just pressbox chatter, so Payton may still be very much in the running. The Bills have received permission to speak to Payton, but others seem to be leading for that job. So we wait and Payton waits.

For Mike Zimmer, it looks like the Rams will go in another direction in their coaching search. From the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

So unless something unexpected happens in the second round of interviews, Linehan [Miami OC], Cameron [San Diego OC] or Rivera [Chicago DC] will succeed Mike Martz as head coach in St. Louis.

OK Zimmer, if you're coming back, get ready to turn the dogs loose. We have the players we need, except for a few positions to be addressed in free agency or the draft, we should be a top defense next year.

Speaking of coaches, Jean-Jacques Taylor has a new article up at the Dallas Morning News about Bill Parcells. The article is run-of-the-mill stuff, but the email Q&A is the interesting part.

This on our former kicking coach.

Q: Why was Steve Hoffman dismissed, and do you think Jerry regrets seeing him leave?
Chuck Ferreira, Boston

TAYLOR: At various times this season, Jones has said he's disappointed with Hoffman's departure and has second-guessed himself. Hoffman didn't have his contract renewed, in part, because coach Bill Parcells thought he spent too much time coddling kickers and giving them excuses when they failed. The Cowboys were the only team with a kicking coach, so clearly a lot of other teams don't believe it's the difference between winning and losing.

Steve Hoffman this, cheap kickers that, let's just settle this once and for all, sign a veteran kicker who can get it done.

And finally, for your offseason entertainment, the latest T.O. to Dallas information (according to JJT).

Q: Is Bill Parcells against signing Terrell Owens?
Eddie Arnold

TAYLOR: I mentioned it to him last summer in training camp during an impromptu conversation, and he gave me the I-must've-been-drinking look - and that was really before all of the stuff that forced the Eagles to deactivate Owens. T.O. has always played in pass-first offenses (San Francisco and Philadelphia), and I don't know that he could be happy on a run-first team that had three players catch 60 balls last season. I just don't see him coming to Dallas

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