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All out assault on 2006

Mickey Spags over at is calling for Dallas to do whatever it takes to compete for the Super Bowl next year. I couldn't agree more.

Consider the final four playoff teams this year. We played three of them, Carolina, Seattle and Denver. Now think about how we did against them. We beat Carolina at their stadium, lost to Denver in overtime at home, lost to Seattle on a last second FG that should of never happened. (Bledsoe's most glaring mistake of the season.)

You are what you are, Parcells preaches this all the time. Under that theory we were a 9-7 team that missed the playoffs, but we were good enough to play with the elite.

Conclusion: Dallas is not far from contending for the Super Bowl, and should do whatever they can to get there. Forget the salary cap, forget developing a long-term solution at QB.

Win now, worry later.

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