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Payton to New Orleans update; other news

The Saints have narrowed their choices to Sean Payton or Maurice Carthon, with Payton the favorite according to this Times-Picayune article.

The Saints are leaning heavily toward offering their head coaching job to Sean Payton, according to league sources, and they likely will decide between Payton and Maurice Carthon within the next day or two.

Former Green Bay Packers coach Mike Sherman remains a viable candidate, but he appears to be a distant third choice.

You know, when I look to get some real football knowledge, I go to the experts, The Bahama Journal. Now you can too. I'm serving up this piece they ran on football dynasties, including stuff on the Cowboys. My favorite quote:

Dallas from 1971 to 1996 was the considered America's glamour grid team.

Never mind the misplaced word "the" in the sentence, but grid team? I think he was searching for gridiron, but who am I to argue, it's The Bahama Journal talking football!

Joining Drew Henson for his most excellent European vacation will be WR Tom Crowder and CB Lenny Williams.

The Cowboys and the city of Irving have worked out a deal for the Cowboys three remaining years in Texas Stadium. The Cowboys agreed to certain things and Irving agreed to other things, but this was the money quote.

The team also agreed not to oppose a tax referendum proposed by the city. The May referendum calls for a tax on tickets, parking at the stadium and a locker room tax.

A locker room tax? WTF? Someone please tell me what a locker room tax would tax. Do Cowboys players get taxed to dress before and after games? Or is the tax for the opposition team only, in hopes they may not show up. I understand the city of Irving is working on a kicking tee tax and is looking into the possibility of taxing jock straps. Stay tuned to this developing story.

Not a Cowboys story, but the NFL admitted that the ref blew it big time on the Troy Polamalu interception call.

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