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Pride missing in Dallas loss to Rams; 20-10

A maddening, inconsistent, up and down season, ended with the Dallas Cowboys pulling out something new. For the first time this year they played without any pride. Getting dominated at home by the St. Louis Rams mercifully ends the Cowboys second half collapse. A team that once stood at 7-3, layed down on the final game of the season.

Bill Parcells, who watched helplessly from the sidelines, must be pondering all kinds of things tonight. Besides his retirement, he may want to ponder on Rob Peitti, Torrin Tucker and how the offensive line ever got in such a mess.

Playing the blame game now would exhaust my time and patience, better saved for the long weeks ahead, when we can dissect every detail of every disaster.

Yes, there's plenty to like about the Cowboys, too. The young and talented defense is on the rise, experience for the rookies this year will pay off next year.  

But tonight's game was a character game, and the Cowboys failed. Dallas showed nothing on a night when they were playing for nothing. One would've expected more.

Offseason coverage on BTB

Changes to the team are coming, and we'll be following them here at BTB. If you see news about Cowboys players, potential draft picks, free agents we should be pursuing, post it in the diaries or in comments. The more information flow we have the better for everyone. I'll do my best to keep you guys up to date on whatever I find, but help from you guys would be appreciated.

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