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Cowboys random blurb

I missed this JJT article over at The Sporting News earlier in the week. In case you did too, here are the two money quotes.

Cornerback Jacques Reeves has thrilled coach Bill Parcells with his development in two years from a fringe player to a valuable asset. Reeves played a lot in the second half of the season as starter Anthony Henry struggled with a groin injury. Reeves has always had excellent speed, but now he's much more technically precise and the Cowboys believe he'll eventually be able to replace Aaron Glenn as the club's third corner.

The Cowboys want running back Julius Jones to spend the offseason making his lower body significantly stronger to allow him to stay healthy and break more tackles. The Cowboys view the upcoming season as huge for Jones because they need to figure out whether he's going to be healthy enough to be a frontline starter or whether he's the type of player who's only effective if he shares the role because his body can't take the pounding.

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