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Quite frankly, Keyshawn speaks his mind

Keyshawn Johnson was on Stephen A. Smith's Quite Frankly show and it was a very good interview. Keyshawn is never one to shy away from the microphone and he didn't disappoint. Covering topics ranging from Key and Gruden, T.O. coming to Dallas, and the ongoing fake feud with Michael Irvin, Smith managed to prod Keyshawn to get past the cliche answers on some sensitive subjects. Then again, Keyshawn needs about as much prodding as I do at an open-bar party.

Let me paraphrase some of Key's comments.

  • Drew Rosenhaus is a cartoon figure.
  • He would welcome T.O. in Dallas but then you would have to do something with either him or Glenn. You can't have three starting receivers was the implication.
  • Key was low-key in his response to some comments Michael Irvin made on Quite Frankly a week or so ago. Basically Irvin said if he was on this team today he would've had them in the Super Bowl. He also said that on 3rd and 3 and 4th and 3 against the Redskins the Cowboys went to somebody else.  Key didn't say too much except he does other things on the field, his teammates know what he can do, he's always been a #1 receiver. Pointed out he can play in any offensive system, not all players can do that.
  • Chalked up the Jon Gruden affair as a marriage that just wasn't meant to be.
  • Still isn't backing down from his statements that Chrebet was treated differently than he was, although admits he was young when he wrote that.
  • Said that USC should've punted on the 4th and 2, making Vince Young go 90 or 80 yards for the winning TD. (I totally agree, and I said it when it was happening, just like Keyshawn tells us he did on the show).
Here's the thing about Key, I've disagreed with choices he's made; like the book after his rookie year, some of his contract stances, and he's not in Irvin's class, unless he leads us to a couple of Super Bowl wins.

But I still respect the guy, he obviously believes what he says, and he doesn't back down from what he says. Even though Key was getting pushed by Smith in the interview on some touchy subjects, he still answered the questions and answered them genuinely, as he sees it.

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