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Cowboys article roundup

JJT over at the Dallas Morning News writes about the Cowboys shutting down MVP Shaun Alexander and playoffs MVP Steve Smith during the regular season. Taylor spares no expense in pounding a supposedly soft Alexander in the article. But more interesting was the part about Terence Newman shadowing Smith and being very physical with him. Money quote:

Although the Cowboys didn't respect [Shaun] Alexander's game, they did respect [Steve] Smith.

Todd Archer at the Dallas Morning News (subscription) pontificates on replacing Payton. He focuses on how much Parcells trusted Payton, and how rarely he gives up the play-calling duties. I think it may be more of the Tuna mellowing and aging than trusting Payton. Parcells surely trusted coaches like Ron Earhardt and Dan Henning as much as Payton, but Bill was a younger man then, with more ego than now and more need for control than now. Age has a way of mellowing people.

Archer states his case for Chris Palmer coming to Dallas.

Parcells would like continuity, and with this being such a big go-for-it season for the Cowboys, he cannot go with somebody he doesn't know. With Al Saunders headed to Washington, my money is on Chris Palmer.
Palmer was with Parcells in New England. He speaks with the coach regularly. He has a very good relationship with Bledsoe and Terry Glenn.

The other day I wondered about the locker room tax Irving is placing on the Cowboys for the next three years until they move to Arlington. I got a partial answer from Randy Galloway in his column today.

[Irving will] Charge a locker room tax of up to $5,000 a game on each team member, depending on the salary of the player or coach.

The players and coaches are on their own here.

I still don't know what the tax is exactly for, but it sure looks expensive. Galloway goes on to examine the brewing fight between the Cowboys and the city of Irving.

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