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Blurbs remotely relating to the Cowboys

From KFFL:

Mike Preston, of the Baltimore Sun, reports Baltimore Ravens S Will Demps will not likely be re-signed by the team for the 2006 season.

There's a candidate for free safety, if he recovers from his torn ACL.

Also from KFFL:

The New York Post reports former NFL head coach and offensive coordinator Chris Palmer interviewed for an undisclosed position on the New York Jets coaching staff Friday, Jan. 20.

What's Tuna thinking here, I wish I knew. Is he content to stay inside the organization so he's just taking his own sweet time? Is the whole Plamer thing a media rumor? Is he waiting to see how things play out post-playoffs?

Maybe he'll shock us all, hire Mike Martz, sign T.O., go to a four wide-out spread formation, and throw 50 times a game. I'm just saying.

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