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Romo gets some hometown love

Backup QB Tony Romo gets some love from a paper in east-central Illinois. Romo played his college ball at Eastern Illinois, a division 1-AA school, where he won the Walter Payton award as the player of the year.

Apparently Eastern Illinois is a hotbed of NFL football head coaches. Our former offensive coordiantor Sean Payton, who played college ball there, is now a head coach. Mike Shanahan and new Vikings head coach Brad Childress both matriculated at Eastern Illinois. My guess is a small divison 1-AA school has never produced that many NFL head coaches.

Anyway, back to Romo, who tells us he enjoys life under Parcells, even though him and Payton were best buddies.

"I actually enjoy it," Romo said of life under Parcells. "It puts pressure on people in practice every day. I enjoy that pressure. That's what I enjoy to go out and do things you haven't done before. He instills that, for you to do your best."

Romo is patiently waiting for his chance to play, but others do not have that virtue. Note this passage from the article:

But Bledsoe just won't cooperate with Eastern Illinois fans and get hurt so Romo can play, not that the three-time Ohio Valley Conference Offensive Player of the Year says he is rooting for an injury to his starting teammate.

WTF? Only people who want to see the Cowboys lose (see Redskins fans among others) are rooting for Bledsoe to get hurt. I guess we haven't converted those Eastern Illinois fans to the Cowboy way yet. Besides Romo plays every game; just wait for the FG's and extra-points, and you get to see Romo in all his glory.

Take heart Eastern Illinois fans, Parcells has repeatedly praised Romo's clipboard holding skills, ranking him as one of the best he ever coached.

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