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Blast from the Cowboys past with no filter

They say Keyshawn Johnson is out-spoken, and of course Michael Irvin has been known to say a thing or two, but you got to hand it to ex-Cowboy Kevin Gogan. The former guard for the Cowboys (1987-1993) goes unfiltered in this interview with the guys over at NBX Sports. Listen to Gogan riff on some of Mike Irvin's former indiscretions, then praise him for his work ethic. Jimmy Johnson gets the verbal treatment, as do many other people.

Remember, this is a guy who once got thrown out of a Pro Bowl game for fighting with KC's Neil Smith. Here's Gogan from a 1998 article on that fight.

"He pushed Todd Steussie and I jacked him up," Gogan said of [Neil] Smith. "I turned to go back to the huddle and he came and punched me in the back of the head. I couldn't get to him because there was like a scrum-type thing. When the scrum broke open, I dropped a kick in his (groin) and got myself kicked out of the game. I don't mind a guy punching me. I can deal with it. But when a guy hits you in the back of the head, you got to figure he's pretty much a coward."

Want to hear a professional athlete give a no holds barred interview? This is it. When one of the quotes is along the lines of: "I was on my way to work one day, and I put my bong away, before practice...", you know this isn't Bob Costas interviewing Payton Manning about role models in sports.

Warning: This isn't work or family friendly, so think about headphones or a totally cool environment.

Click here to go to NBX Sports and go to the middle of the page.

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