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Finally, some draft news

You can always count on Jerry Jones to break the silence at Valley Ranch. It took getting Jerry out of Valley Ranch, away from Bill Parcells, and down to the Senior Bowl in Mobile to get some talk about the Cowboys plans for the draft. So without further ado, we turn to this article in the DFW Star-Telegram.

With Parcells in Dallas reshaping his staff, Jones and the scouts were checking out the talent, keeping a close eye on the offensive linemen. They got a good look at a group that includes tackles Marcus McNeill of Auburn, Miami's Eric Winston and Texas' Jonathan Scott. McNeill (6-foot-8, 332 pounds) could be available when the Cowboys select 18th overall in the first round.

But despite the need at tackle, Jones said the Cowboys would likely look at a lineman after the first round.

"Obviously these offensive linemen need to be looked at," Jones said. "Especially any time we can look at one, not the first [pick] but maybe later."

Instead, the Cowboys might focus on a safety or linebacker in the early rounds. The Cowboys might be considering Ohio State linebacker Bobby Carpenter and Texas safety Michael Huff, who aren't playing in the Senior Bowl.

There you have it, a draft strategy being formed. I like it, LB or S are the positions I was hoping they would attack first in the draft. The article also says receiver might be a consideration later in the draft.

As I stated before, tackle and kicker are the two main targets in free agency, after that, get what you can and go to the draft to fill in the rest.

Another intersting note from the article; they've blocked any other assistant coaches from interviewing, even though they've had 3 or 4 more requests for permission from other teams.

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