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Vanderjagt and the Cowboys

Dallas has a need for a kicker, Mike Vanderjagt is a free agent who has worn out his welcome with the Colts. Do we have a love connection? Apparently not, according to JJT at the DMN blog.

The agent for Indianapolis kicker Matt Vanderjagt sidled up to Stephen Jones yesterday at the Senior Bowl and talked about how much "The Idiot Kicker" would like to play for the Cowboys for a rate of much more than $1 million per season. Stephen was cordial but non-committal. The Joneses, however, have been adamant about not spending that much for a kicker.

I don't know if Vanderjagt is the answer, if he wants 2-3 million a year Dallas won't pay that. (Not many teams will). But I sure hope the Joneses realize that paying a little extra to a kicker, more than they've done recently, could make Dallas a much better team. The numerous missed opportunities to win games last year that would have put us in the playoffs, games lost because the kickers failed, has been well chronicled. Let's not make the same mistake twice.

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