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Glover could be ex-Cowboy soon

La'Roi Glover's run with the Dallas Cowboys is sounding like it's over. Admittedly, it's just a guessing game right now, but when you do the math on his salary and then read things like this from JJT, you start to conclude what seems to be inevitable.

Bumped into Tom Condon, probably the most powerful agent in the business these days, and actually had a short conversation with him concerning La'Roi Glover. He didn't talk about whether Glover would return, but he did know that Glover counts more than $7 million against the club's salary cap next year. He talked about the $1.5 million roster bonus Glover is supposed to receive in March and how that's quite a bit for a player who doesn't really fit the defensive scheme.

Based on that conversation and a similar conversation I had with Jerry Jones, it's hard to believe Glover will return.

Let me say it again, Rayfield Wright should be in the Hall of Fame. Plus, he seems like a great guy. Go read his chat with the DMN.

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