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Is Palmer going to New Orleans?

I posted yesterday a link I found on leading to an article about Chris Palmer taking the offensive coordinator job at New Orleans. Last night, for a brief time, the story was linked off the site's front page. Now the links have mysteriously disappeared. In addition, I can't find another source anywhere confirming the story.

Did jump the gun then pull back the story? If so, my apologies to my readers for printing a story that might not be true, at least not confirmed as of yet.

Mickey Spags still has this up on a story here.

So we've hard all this bad about Chris Palmer. Geesh, is there any good? Must be, since sources are saying the New Orleans Saints (i.e. Sean Payton) are prepared to name him their new offensive coordinator. Maybe Payton noticed, too, Palmer taking care of the New England quarterback Drew Bledsoe that 1996 Super Bowl season.

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