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Random Cowboys blurb

Check out this list of the best tackles made in Super Bowl history. Dallas figures in at numbers six and seven.

6. Bob Lilly, Super Bowl VI: The Dallas Cowboys were trying to shed their loser image going into Super Bowl VI. They had lost Super Bowl V. They had lost the NFL championship game in 1966 and 1967 (which denied them a chance of playing in the first two Super Bowls.) In Super Bowl VI, the Cowboys didn't allow a touchdown. In the first quarter, the Cowboys jumped out on top, thanks to a mere 9-yard field goal. Bob Lilly tackled Bob Griese for a 29-yard loss on the last play of the first quarter. The score was only 3-0 at the time, but it seemed bigger.

7. Don Beebe, Super Bowl XXVII: Sometimes, a player gains more respect for how he plays when his team is getting blown out. The Bills were losing 52-17 late in Super Bowl XXVII, when Leon Lett picked up a fumble and began running for an easy touchdown. In one of the most memorable moments in Super Bowl history, Beebe came from 25 yards back and caught a showboating Lett, stripping him of the ball at the goal line. It meant the Bills lost by 34 points instead of 41, but it wasn't the score. It was the character displayed by Beebe that meant something. Think a young Ben Watson was watching?

Poor Leon, always remembered for that play and the Miami FG in the snow.

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