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Should I stay or should I go?

Bill Parcells likely will employ the "Cones of Silence" over the next few days to weeks. Speculation will run rampant concerning his possible retirement, until the day he decides to end it. So let's get in early and start speculating while it's still fashionable. From an MSNBC article:

On Monday, the three-year anniversary of the day he took the Cowboys' job, Parcells didn't talk to the media -- or to his team as a group. Players leaving the team's Valley Ranch complex said Parcells said nothing about what he planned to do.

"Cones of Silence" in place and working. But the article gives us this tantalizing (not really) clue:

Parcells said he had "to get away from it for awhile" before deciding if he'd return.

That's it? Give us some context please. What exactly was the question that was asked causing him to say he had "to get away from it for awhile"? What tone did he say it in? Come on, give us a clue. What was the "it" he had to get away from? Football? Dallas? Jerry Jones?

Anyway, here's what some players said:

"I'd be very surprised if he's not back next year," said Bledsoe.

"His body language is always the same way," cornerback Aaron Glenn said. "I think he'll be back. I don't think he'll want to go out on a note like this."

And what did the Tuna say?

"I would certainly liked to have finished on a good note," [Parcells] said. "I think we're a better team by far than what we were last year, but I'm not overly proud of 9-7. I'm really not."

Stay tuned, but my prediction is that he's coming back. He's built the team to this point; he wants the glory if they win.

Meanwhile, NFL coaches are an endangered species. Read about the massacre yesterday, here.

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