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Palmer to Dallas reported likely

It looks like the Chris Palmer saga is finally coming to an end. After all the hullabaloo about the Saints hiring him as a QB coach, the "sources" say he will end up with Dallas. But he may not be the offensive coordinator leaving that job to Bill Parcells. From the DFW Star-Telegram:

The Cowboys are set to hire former Houston Texans offensive coordinator Chris Palmer as an assistant coach, most likely this week, according to a source close to the team.

But Palmer is not a lock to be the team's next offensive coordinator and replace Sean Payton as the team's passing game coordinator and primary play-caller.

Bill Parcells is known as a good evaluator of talent in NFL circles. People tend to listen when he talks about a player, but nobody is perfect as we find out in this article. After missing on All-Pro Jack Youngblood in college recruiting, he didn't stop there, later missing on an even better player. Youngblood recalls a story Parcells once told him.

"Years ago, Parcells told me, 'Jack don't feel too bad. About three years later, I was recruiting in South Alabama and there was a kid who was running up and down the field breaking all the records in Alabama high school football ... It was Walter Payton.' ''
Parcells' analysis: Payton was too small to play college football.

In Parcells defense, a lot of people blew it on recruiting Payton and that's why he ended up playing at Jackson State.

Some more information on the new NFL Network television package announced over the weekend. From this DMN article:

Still, a marquee game such as Cowboys-Redskins makes perfect sense for the NFL Network to make a big splash on opening night. Fox, which is scheduled to televise next season's Cowboys Thanksgiving Day game, has not been notified that it might be losing the Cowboys. Thanksgiving night will annually kick off the new package.

Next season, there will be five Thursday night games - Nov. 23 thru Dec. 21 - and three Saturday night games - Dec. 16. thru Dec. 30 scheduled. Gone will be those Saturday doubleheaders on Fox and CBS on the final weekends of the regular season.

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