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Cowboys rumors, innuendo and opinion

The rumors are flying fast out at Valley Ranch. It's hard to keep up with the information and misinformation that is being reported but I've pulled together some interesting nuggets. Let's review.

The Cowboys pick 18th in the first round and own selections in the second, third, fifth, sixth and seventh rounds. But if you think Dallas is going to use one of those picks on a future QB, think again. Matt Mosley over at the Dallas Morning News posted this item earlier in the week and Jean Jacques-Taylor wrote the same thing last week.

Well, let me just leave you with one item: The Cowboys turned down a third-round draft pick from the Jets for Romo before the trading deadline, which seems to indicate they still like him.

Looks like Tony Romo is the heir apparent unless Drew Henson can make some big strides if they send him to NFL Europe.

Speaking of JJT, he answers some questions from readers in this column. (subscription required)

One was about Ellis and Glover and their future in Dallas.

TAYLOR: I think Ellis is gone. He's been unhappy the whole second half of the season, and he will go to Jones and ask for his release or a trade. He's due a $500,000 roster bonus on March 1, and I don't expect the Cowboys to give it to him. Glover is supposed to earn $5 million in base salary and a $1.5 million roster bonus. Coach Bill Parcells reduced the playing time of each player in the second half of the season. Neither player - Ellis is supposed to make $2.5 million next year - is worth the money based on their playing time in the second half of the season.

Just as I thought, Ellis wants out of Dallas and Glover is to expensive to keep as a part-time player. He was also asked about G Stephen Peterman and whether he's a player.

TAYLOR: I have no idea if he'll be a player because I haven't seen him play. The word on him is that he's a one-dimensional run blocker with a nasty attitude on the field. He struggles to pass-block, in part, because he didn't do it much at LSU.

No wonder Parcells wouldn't play him, as bad as our pass protection was this year, Peterman would've only made it worse.

Remember the bogus Parcells to Detroit rumor that's been out ther for a week or so. Ridiculous. Why would Parcells leave to go to another rebuilding project for a franchise that has shown no history of success? These type of things are wishful thinking or made up attention getters. Anyway, here's a report putting the kibosh on it.

Tom Kowalski, of, reports the rumor about Dallas Cowboys head coach Bill Parcells coming to Detroit to become head coach of the Detroit Lions continues to boil, but there's apparently nothing to it. Sources close to the situation, though, have said the Lions have had no contact with Parcells or his agent.

Richie Whitt, who writes for The Sports Page Weekly, was on Norm Hitzges show today blasting Bill Parcells. Among other items he said:

  • Parcells is not well-liked at the Ranch except for the players who generally back him.
  • Parcells has been contacting ESPN about coming back as a commentator since September, and that this was the basis for the Chris Mortenson ESPN item mentioning Parcells contemplating retirement.
That's all interesting stuff, but sounds like a load of crap to me. There's no way Parcells has been contacting ESPN about a job throughout the season. If he had, this story would've come out much sooner. He goes on to say that the Cowboys may be deciding if they want Parcells back, not the other way around. More unbelievable junk, it's obvious Jerry Jones wants him back. But the offseason is the silly season, so expect to read all kinds of stuff.


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