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Parcells agrees to 2-year extension

Hat tip to Terry for breaking the news, confirmed by ESPN. Bill Parcells agreed to a 2-year extension to coach the Cowboys.

Details to follow.

Update [2006-1-6 18:1:5 by Grizz]: - It appears that Parcells is under contract now through 2007. But technically it's a 2-year extension because they tore up his old contract that had one year left on it. So it's only one more year added to the original contract time frame. Article here

Quote from Bill Parcells

?I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to continue what we have started here,? Parcells said in the release. ?The Cowboys' organization has been the fairest of fair to me, and hopefully I can repay them with an improved performance.?
Quote from Jerry Jones
?This is about continuity and building upon the pieces we have in place as an organization and as a football team,? Jones said in the news release. ?We aren?t where we want to be at this point, but we?re definitely moving in the right direction and feel very good about the future.

?As I have said for the past three years, I am encouraged by Bill?s enthusiasm and determination, and that hasn?t changed in any way,? added Jones. ?From a personal perspective, I have enjoyed every aspect of our working relationship, and I am optimistic about the organization?s future.?

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