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Cowboys free agents

Want the skinny on all the Cowboys current free agents? Nick Eatman gives you the facts and figures in this article.

Money quote:

The Cowboys could have been dealing with two other key restricted free agents had they not already bought back the fourth year on the contracts of linebacker Bradie James and Jason Witten, both 2003 draft picks. The Cowboys made the moves roughly two weeks before the end of the regular season.

But you have to read the whole article. We learn that the Cowboys bought back the fourth year of their contracts for $10. Yup, you read that right, 10 dollars. Of course that's not what they are going to get paid, that was just the cost of adding an additional year at a pre-determined cost.

Still, how did that transaction work? Did Jerry Jones stop Witten or James on the way to the break room, pull out his money clip, and peel off a $10 bill? Or perhaps he just sent the money to their PayPal account. No wait, I got it. Jerry took them both out for a couple of happy meals at McD's, hooked them up with extra-large milkshakes, and said "By the way, I just bought back the fourth year of your contracts. Do you want some ketchup packets for your fries?"

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  • Click below to see the list of Cowboys free agents.

Unrestricted (9)
TE Dan Campbell
G/C Andre Gurode
LB Mike Barrow
LB Quinton Caver
LB Scott Fujita
LB Eric Ogbogu
OT Marcus Price
S Lynn Scott
S Tony Dixon

Restricted (3)
S Keith Davis
LB Scott Shanle
OT Torrin Tucker

Exclusive Rights (7)
CB Jacques Reeves
P Mat McBriar
S Willie Pile
WR Patrick Crayton
WR Terrance Copper
FB Lousaka Polite
LS L.P. Ladouceur

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