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Did Parcells deserve a raise?

Lots of talk about the raise Parcells got out of Jerry Jones when he signed the 2-year extension. Most of it has been centered around the won/loss record and the Cowboys meltdown in the last six games of the season. Did Parcells deserve a raise based on the Cowboys performance in his first three years? If you go strictly based on performance, the answer would be no.

But Jennifer Floyd Engel in her column today gives us a different take.

And before anybody starts crying "What has Parcells done to deserve a raise?" let's not forget that Parcells is responsible for resurrecting owner Jerry Jones' image, helping him get a new stadium in Arlington and taking his franchise from laughingstock to the verge of contending. Yes, that is probably worth a couple of million to Jones - and then some.

All well and good, Jen. But what we really care about is wins and losses leading to Super Bowl victories.

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