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Keyshawn's future?

Mike Fisher over at the (subscription required) takes Keyshawn Johnson to task for various transgressions, suggesting he may not return in 2006. Fisher calls out Keyshawn's "me-first" attitude, cites his blocking skills as a "little" thing, notes his slightly declining production - which he compares derisively to Ravens TE Todd Heap - and suggests Terrell Owens might be a better choice. A players value is in the eye of the beholder, and it's hard to tell if Fisher's condemnation is personal vendetta or professional analysis. But there is one quote that jumped out of the article.

I would describe one source inside the Cowboys as "adamant'' that Keyshawn will not be asked back in 2006. Another source won't go that far, but admits "if you subtract Keyshawn's relationships from the equation, (letting him go) makes some sense.'' Either way, such a move is definitely under consideration.

If Keyshawn decides he wants to negotiate a big money contract, he might be on his way out. But if he is reasonable about his demands or plays under his current contract, there's no reason he won't be a Cowboy in 2006.

Need another reason Greg Ellis wants out of Dallas? Look no further than the fact that he missed out on a $250,000 bonus. Ellis would have gotten the money if he had reached 10 sacks. 11 games into the season he had 8 sacks, but when his time on the field was slashed down the stretch, he finished with 8 sacks. My guess, Parcells isn't on his Christmas card list for 2006. Hopefully Dallas can get some value in return for him, he's been a true pro and a productive player throughout his career.

Flozell Adams and Lousaka Polite are making a public appearance tonight, which is a cool thing. But here's the money quote from the article concerning Flozell's injury.

"It was very frustrating at first. I didn't know the severity of it until the next day," Adams said of his injury. "I thought it would be a one or two week thing. I'd never been hurt before. You just do the best you can. I'm still rehabbing right now. But I'll definitely be 100 percent by training camp."

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