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Cowboys @ Titans gameday open thread

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Dallas Cowboys @ Tennessee Titans
Sunday, Oct. 1st, 2006
1:00 EST, TV: FOX
LP Field - Nashville, TN

Internet radio: The Ticket or WOAI

TV: If you have Sunday Ticket on DirecTV, the game is on channel 711.

Fox is broadcasting the game to 22% of the nation, you can see the local station broadcast schedule here. You can see where the game will be broadcast on a map here.

This is an open thread for real-time game chat.

Finally, we're playing football again. Terrell Owens is going to start for the Cowboys. Vince Young is going to start for the Titans.

My prediction: Cowboys 23 - Titans 10

Get your predictions in before the game starts.

Weather Forecast

80 degrees
Humidity 35%
Winds 4 mph