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Offensive line knows they were awful

The offensive line at least knows that they were awful on Sunday.

"Drew, as a quarterback, he's never going to point fingers," guard Marco Rivera said. "He doesn't have to. We're all grownups here. It's our job. We know who screwed up. I know Drew's frustrated. Seeing the paper and basically calling out Drew ... call out the offensive line. We didn't give him enough time to throw."

For those people out there that still believe the offensive line wasn't part of the problem, I don't know what else to tell you. They think they were awful, Parcells threw them under the bus yesterday, and when I watched the game film it was obvious they were terrible.

But that doesn't excuse Bledsoe either. He made some awful decisions down the stretch of that game, including the two interceptions.

Only one quarterback has more interceptions than Bledsoe (Cleveland's Charlie Frye, with nine), and only four have a lower completion percentage, but - again - Parcells is sticking with him.

For how long?

"As long as I feel like, OK?" he said. "That's all I can tell you."

I can tell you that from the tone Parcells used when answering questions about changing quarterbacks that he hasn't totally ruled out the possibility, but it's going to take a few more bad performances from Bledsoe before we get there.

So I'm doing a regular scan of articles this morning, just checking out the flavor of things in Cowboy-land and I come across an article from Mac Engel in the DFW S-T about how to get Terrell Owens more involved in the offense. Sounds good to me. We're paying a lot of money for the guy, and he's got skills, so let's get him going. Some of Mac's suggestions are just keep throwing to him, use him on more underneath routes, and deal with the double-teams. All very reasonable stuff. But then he drops this one on us:

Absurd? Absolutely. But Glenn is going to take catches and passing attempts away from Owens as long as he is healthy. Not since Owens played with Jerry Rice in 2000 has he had a receiver with the credentials of Glenn. Since then, Owens has played next to the likes of Tai Streets, Brandon Lloyd, J.J. Stokes, Reggie Brown and Freddie Mitchell, among others.

WTF? Did I read that right? Was this whole article actually some kind of sarcastic joke and I didn't realize it?

JJT over at the DMN has bailed on this team. Based on our play early in the season he says there's no way this team are Super Bowl contenders.

Jerry Jones and Bill Parcells sold you a bill of goods when training camp began in July, so you have every right to be mad, frustrated or disappointed.

Jerry told you, in so many words, that the Cowboys had Super Bowl potential. So did Parcells, though he told the players they had a chance to be special, coachspeak for going to the Super Bowl. That way, he had plausible deniability down the road.

But these Cowboys aren't contenders.

I think its a little early to lose faith, after all we are scoring in the top five in the league and Julius Jones is among the league leaders in rushing. Our run defense has been solid and we have the talent on defense to be very good. But the Eagles game was such a nightmare that JJT has lost faith.
Contenders don't allow seven sacks in a game. Contenders don't give up three completions of 40 yards or more. Contenders don't have a quarterback who throws three of the ugliest interceptions in recorded history.

Contenders don't commit five turnovers. Contenders don't have their punter drop a snap. Contenders don't give up an 87-yard touchdown when the coach says the defensive coordinator called a perfect play.

Contenders don't have an offensive line that remains consistently inconsistent. Contenders don't have a quarterback controversy every other week. Contenders don't turn a five-time Pro Bowl receiver into a role player.

I don't have the time to look all of those up and see if teams that won a Super Bowl ever had a game where they gave up seven sacks, or gave up an 87-yard scoring play or turned the ball over five times, etc.

But it strikes me that JJT is putting a lot of weight on one game in the season. I'm still going to remain positive; we are only four games into the season and so far we are 2-2. Not great, but not awful.

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